Monday, February 4, 2013

The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

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Feb 04, 20 13  · 

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Read from January 28 to February 04, 2013

I really liked this third book of the trilogy much more than the other two. I am glad I continued with the series because I almost stopped reading them. I really wasn't interested in reading all the details of the designs of the new buildings. I found that part boring.

I liked the characters in the books and their interactions with each other. I got to learn so much about them that I thought they were my friends. The only 2 characters that I despised were Jonathan and Sheridan. They were just mean selfish people. They deserved one another. The ghost that was introduced in the first book seemed so silly to me and I couldn't figure out why Nora Roberts would include her in the plot but then as I read through the series and her story began to unravel I understood why. I liked the ending since it tied up all the loose ends and ended on a happy note.


  1. Im looking forward to reading this one, - Im currently reading #2 of this series, its so good!

  2. I am glad you liked this one. I thought you would