Friday, December 26, 2014

Under a Raging Moon by Frank Zafiro


Dec 25, 2014  

A violent robber is loose in River City. Meet the cops that must take him down.

Stefan Kopriva, a young hotshot. Katie MacLeod, a woman in what is still mostly a man’s world. Karl Winter, about to retire but with one more good bust left in him. And Thomas Chisolm, a former Green Beret who knows how dangerous a man like the Scarface Robber can be.

These are the patrol officers of River City – that mythical thin blue line between society and anarchy. They must stop the robber, all the while juggling divorces, love affairs, internal politics, a hostile media, vengeful gang members and a civilian population that isn’t always understanding or even grateful.


This book was ok. I thought there would be more action and twists in it but it wasn't enough for me. I found the characters to be confusing as to who was who. Also I found the book to be choppy. It kept going back and forth between the crime and the personal lives of the police officers. I wish it held more of my attention. I read the Kindle version of the book.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr

Dec 13,  20 14 

Read in December, 2014


So she's hitting the pause button on her life and holing up in a secluded (but totally upgraded --- she's not into roughing it!) cabin near Virgin River. Erin is planning on getting to know herself ... not the shaggy-haired mountain man she meets.

In fact, beneath his faded fatigues and bushy beard, Aiden Riordan is a doctor, recharging for a summer after leaving the navy. He's intrigued by the pretty, slightly snooty refugee from the rat race --- her meditating and journaling are definitely keeping him at arm's length. He'd love to get closer ... if his scruffy exterior and crazy ex-wife don't hold him back.

But maybe it's something in the water --- unlikely romances seem to take root in Virgin River ... helped along by some well-intentioned meddling, of course

My review:

I like the VR series but I did not find this book to be as engaging as the other books in the series. I liked reading about Erin and Aiden's relationship however, I didn't need to read about their love making escapades. It seems like all books with some romance become too graphic and don't add to the plot. They get old after awhile. I usually quickly scan over these parts.

I did like the last 100 pages or so because of the suspense and figuring out what the outcome of the story would be and I was pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to the next book in the series.