Challenges 2013

January Challenge  

Read a Book That You Have Read Before 

Read a Book with a Happy Ending or a Positive Thinking Book
The Last Boyfriend  By Nora Roberts
Read a Book By a New Author
One Breath Away  By Heather  Gudenkauf
Until Proven Guilty  By J.A. Jance 

February Challenge

Spring Book With Flowers Or Melting Snow
Blackberry Winter  By Sarah Jio
Historical Fiction
Blackberry Winter   By Sarah Jio
Feel Good Book
Blackberry Winter  By Sarah Jio  

 March Challenge
. March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. Read a book that is set in Ireland or by an Irish author or can be a book that has green on the cover.
Nights Of Rain And Stars   ByMaeve Binchy

2. March 20th is the First Day of Spring. Read a book that would consider a Beach Book or a Chick Lit novel.

Everything to Gain  By Barbara Taylor Bradford

3. March 26th is Make your own Holiday Day, so mine would be a 5 Star Book Holiday. For this one you need to read a 5 star book from any member of Novel Ladies.  

April Challenge

1. April showers bring May flowers, so read a book with rainfall (or some other weather-related event) on the cover
Pray For Silence  (weather related)  By Linda Castillo

2. Read a book where the April is either in the title, the author's name or one of the character's names.

April and Oliver            By Tess Callahan
3. Spring cleaning time, read the oldest book on your TBR-list here on Goodreads.

4. The 4th month of the year, read the 4th book in a series you've started (or if it's the 4th in a romance series or something and can standalone, you don't have to have read the first 3). 

Gone Missing  By Linda Castillo

May Challenges

1.  Read a book that is set in a Southern state. If the book takes place on a plantation, all the better!The Secret Life of Bees  By Sue Monk Kidd
 2. Read a book with either the word Lily or Valley in the title, or one where the character or author's name is Lily or Valley. 
The Secret Life of Bees   By Sue Monk Kidd
 3.  Read a book that either takes place in a sunny climate, has a picture of the sun on the cover, or has a yellow cover. 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder  By Joanne Fluke

4 .Read a book where at least one character has magical properties.

Undead and Unappreciated  By Mary Janice Davidson

June Challenges

1. Choose a book that centers around family and has a father or strong "father figure" character.
Second Chance Pass  By Robyn Carr

2.Choose a book that is set in a place you would like to travel to or vacation. It can be very specific,(ie-Italy, Australia) or general, (ie- the beach, the mountains)
Second Chance Pass By Robyn Carr
3.Choose a book off of your TBR list based on the cover only.(best or worst cover maybe?)

Second Chance Pass  By Robyn Carr
4. Choose a book that is about Friendships.

  Starting Now  By Debbie Macomber  

July Challenges
1.  Read a book with a beach scene on the cover. 
The Wanderer  By Robyn Carr

2. Read a book with a bright yellow cover for the sun. At least 50% of the cover should be a nice, bright yellow.

3. A day at the beach isn't complete without snacks or a cook out. Read a book with a food or beverage item on the cover.

4. Read any book you would consider a beach read. A beach without a good book is like.....well a beach without a good book!

Looking At Me By Beth Hoffman

August Challenges
1. Read a book about friends or sisters.
 50 Harbor Street   By Debbie Macomber.  Cedar Cove friends.

2.  Read a book that is set in a bookstore or library or where the main character works in a bookstore or library. Or read a book that features a book club.

50 Harbor Street  By Debbie Macomber---Grace is a librarian.

3.  Read a book you think will make you laugh out loud. Or you could just read something light and fun.

Rose Harbor In Bloom  By Debbie Macomber

4. . Pick any book you want to read “Just because…” It could be “Just because it’s been on your list forever.” Or “Just because that’s what you feel like reading.”

 The Newcomer By Robyn Carr

September Challenges
1. Read a book you have had on your TBR list for awhile and kept meaning to get to, but just haven't yet. 
   Blindsighted  By Karin Slaughter

2. Read a book with an uplifting message. 

   A Seaside Christmas   By Debbie Macomber 
   Forgiveness can come after betrayal

3. Read a book in which a pet is featured. 


4. Read a murder mystery.  
   Blindsighted  By Karin Slaughter 

October Challenges 

1) Read a book that has Autumn things on the cover. For example: pumpkins, witches, turkeys, foods associated with the Fall, brightly colored leaves etc.

2) Since Columbus Day (the month of exploration) is this month, read a book that takes place in another continent or country.

3) For Halloween , people wear masks. So read a book whose author’s last name begins with either a M, A, S, or K.

Starry Night  By Debbie Macomber

4) The abbreviation for October is Oct. Read a book whose first word of the title begins with either an O or a C or a T. "The" is not included. 

A Tap on the Window   By Linwood Barclay

November Challenges
1 If you were to write a novel, what type would it be? Let us know by reading a book from the same genre.  
The Longest Ride ByNicholas Sparks
2. Reading a book that another Novel Ladies member has "loved" by giving it 5 stars.
The Longest Ride  By Nicholas Sparks
3.  Read a mystery or thriller, a book where the main character has to "puzzle out" what is going on.
Hold The Cream Cheese, Kill The Lox  By Sharon Kahn
4  Read a book that embodies something you are thankful for. If you are thankful for your family, read a book where a family figures prominently, if you are thankful for the man in your life, read a romance...thankful for your children, read a book where a child is the main character, for your a book where the main character's job figures prominently. 

Temptation Ridge  By Robyn Carr

December Challenges 
1. Since December is in the Winter, read a book that is set in Winter.

2. December 10th is Sister/Friend Day - read a book that was recommended to you by a Novel Lady.

Paradise Valley        By Robyn Carr
3. Christmas is the 25th, read a book with a red or green cover or one with a winter scene.
Better Than Chocolate  By Sheila Roberts
4. The 26th is Boxing Day, read a book set in Canada or England.

From The Stacks Challenge #2  1/1/13 Thru 12/31/13

Read 10- 12 books that have been sitting on your home bookshelf for at least 6 months

1. Whispering Rock  VR#3    By Robyn Carr

2.  Until Proven Guilty           By J.A.Jance
      (J.P. Beaumont #1)
3.  Everything to Gain            By Barbara Taylor Bradford

4.  Flamingo  Diner                 By Sherryl  Woods

5.  Right Next Door                 By Debbie Macomber

6.  Second Chance Pass          By Robyn Carr

7.  Blindsighted                       By Karin Slaughter

8. 74 Seaside Avenue              By Debbie Macomber

9.  Temptation Ridge VR#6    By Robyn Carr

10. Paradise Valley   VR#7     By Robyn Carr

11.  Better Than Chocolate     By Sheila Roberts


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Scavenger Hunt  1/1/13 thru 6/30/13  #3

Look for books that have any of the following pictured on its cover:


- Snow

A Virgin River Christmas  By Robyn Carr
- Rain or Lightning
- Sun
- Leaves

The Witness  By Nora Roberts
- Swimming Pool

Undead and Unappreciated  By Mary Janice Davidson
- Ocean, Lake, River, Stream

The Witness   By Nora Roberts
Love Anthony By Lisa Genova
- Cabin  

    Whispering Rock  By Robyn Carr
     A Virgin River Christmas   By Robyn Carr
- Sunglasses 

Undead and Unappreciated By Mary Janice Davidson
- Convertible Car or Pickup Truck
- Flowers 

    The Last Boyfriend   By Nora Roberts
    The Perfect Hope      By Nora Roberts 
- Bunny, Squirrel, Wolf, Horse or other animal you would see around

     Pray For Silence   By Linda Castillo 
 Love Anthony   By Lisa Genova
- Butterfly or Ladybug or other flying insect

The Secret Life of Bees   By Sue Monk Kidd
- Rake, Shovel, Garden Item

    Flowers---The Perfect Hope  By Nora Roberts
- Cornfield or Wheatfield

     Pray For Silence  By Linda Castillo
- Christmas Tree, Presents, Menorah

   A Virgin River Christmas  By Robyn Carr
- Scarecrow, Pumpkin, Easter Egg
- Chocolate, Heart, Valentine, Irish Symbol

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder  By Joanne Fluke
- Skier, Ice Skater, Swimmer, Hockey Player, etc. 

Lucky Letter Challenge#4
Choose to read a book that has the lucky letter chosen for the month.

January   "W"  
Whispering Rock  VR#3   By Robyn Carr
February    "K"

March           "G" 
Everything to Gain    By Barbara Taylor Bradford

April          "F"

Flamingo Diner      By Sherryl Woods
May                 "N"
Right Next Door  By Debbie Macomber 

June             "T" 

July              "M"
Looking At Me  By Beth Hoffman
August            "R" 
Rose Harbor in Bloom By Debbie Macomber
 6 Rainier Drive       By Debbie Macomber 

September        "B"
The Time Between  By Karen White
Blindsighted  By Karin Slaughter 

October             "D"

November           "N"
December            "B"
Better Than Chocolate By Sheila Roberts

In this challenge, ten key words are associated with each month in 2013. Your task is to read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month. For instance, in January you could read Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. The key words are listed below.

This challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
 One Breath Away   By Heather Gudenkauf
Love Anthony  By Lisa Genova 
Gingerbread Cookie Murder   By Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine, Leslie Meier

New Authors To Me

1.  Heather Gudenkauf
2. Sarah Jio
3.  J.A. Jance
4.  Barbara Taylor Bradford
5. Markus Zusak
6.  Linda Castillo
7. Tess Callahan
8.  Joanne Fluke
9.  Sue Monk Kidd
10.  Mary Janice Davidson
11. Alan Brennert
12. Beth Hoffman
13. Karen White
14. Karin Slaughter
15. Laura Levine
16. Leslie Meier
17. Sharon Kahn
18.  Sheila Roberts

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