Friday, February 27, 2015

Injustice for All by J.A. Jance


Feb 27, 15  

Read from February 05 to 09, 2015

It was like a scene from a movie: the beautiful blond screaming on a Washington beach, a dead man lying at her feet; the dashing Homicide detective arriving to offer kindness and solace to the distressed lady. What it wasn't was a restful vacation for J.P. Beaumont. And now a murderous mix of politics and passion is turning Beau's holiday into a nightmare – and leading the dedicated Seattle cop into the path of a killer whose bloodlust is rapidly becoming an obsession.

My Review

This is my second book to read in the J.P. Beaumont detective series. I found this book to be more intense then the first book in the series (Until Proven Guilty.) The book pulled me in right away because of a dead man being pulled out of the water by a woman. We learn this on the first page. With a beginning like that it made me want to go on to see why and how that happened. Of course in most mysteries parts of them are not as intense as other parts. So I didn't find the book to be intense throughout but the ending definitely was and brought everything together. When I read a suspense book I am always trying to put the pieces together to solve the mystery/crime. That is another reason why they hold my attention. There are 20 books in the J.P. Beaumont series and I know I will continue reading them.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter in Sweetwater County by Ciara Knight

Feb 21, 2015

Lisa Mortan’s ideal life crumbles when her rich and powerful fiancĂ© demands she ends an unwanted pregnancy. With no job or social support, she flees to a small town in hopes of finding a good family for her unborn baby, but instead finds a man who is as broken as she is.

Eric Gaylord returns to his home town for a respite after a tragic loss, but when his spitfire mother takes on an unknown woman as a business partner, he is forced to face the nightmare he’d left behind or risk losing the one woman who could heal his heart.

My Review:

I wasn't sure if I would like this book. The beginning was totally unrealistic. People do not start a business with a person they don't know especially from a social network site. Also people do not fall in love with someone after only 2 days. I almost put the book down, but I am happy I continued reading it. The setting is in a small cozy town which is a setting I seem to like lately. The book became more realistic when the main characters, Lisa and Eric, have very similar secrets in their lives. Once they get to know each other the secrets are revealed. I found the book had some tension and drama which kept me going to a point I couldn't put the book down. I am glad it only had a little less than 200 pages (EBook book that I downloaded for free.) The plot was not dragged out so I didn't become bored with it. I found the characters to be caring people but of course there was one evil character in the book. There always seem to be one of them included in books. Even though the story was a romance , it didn't have smut in it which is fine with me. This is my first book to read by this author. I will be interested in reading the other 4 in the series. I am hoping I can get them from the library.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Summer in Sonoma by Robyn Carr


Feb 18, 2015  

Read in February, 2015



I thought the book was good but not my favorite Robyn Carr book. I was able to relate to the fact that I am still in touch with former childhood friends but not as close as these four women were. I found that part to be amazing. Each one had their own crises or secrets and helped one another to deal with them. I liked that part, but I found the story to be to predictable and slow moving and too long. The only relationship I was surprised over was Cassie and Walt's . They were so different from one another. Walt's secret was not what I suspected so I was surprised with that one. I am glad I got to read this book since it is one of Robyn Carr's stand alone novels and I am used to her series books such as Virgin River and Thunder Point.