Monday, March 30, 2015

One Wish by Robyn Carr

Mar 30, 2015

Read in March, 2015

Grace Dillon was a champion figure skater until she moved to Thunder Point to escape the ruthless world of fame and competition. And though she's proud of the quiet, self-sufficient life she's created running a successful flower shop, she knows something is missing. Her life could use a little excitement.

In a community where there are few eligible singles, high school teacher Troy Headly appoints himself Grace's fun coach. When he suggests a little companionship with no strings attached, Grace is eager to take him up on his offer, and the two enjoy…getting to know each other.

But things get complicated when Grace's past catches up with her, and she knows that's not what Troy signed up for. Faced with losing her, Troy realizes Grace is more than just a friend with benefits. He's determined to help her fight for the life she always wished for but never believed she could have—and maybe they can find real love along the way.

My Review:

I liked this 7th book of the Thunder Point Series. Previous characters' lives, from the series, continue into this book with the introduction of new characters. As I learn more about the characters, I feel like we are friends since the reader learns so much about them.

What I personally find unrealistic is when two people meet one another and immediately fall in love and the sex begins. They don't even get to know one another first. I find this happens too often in the romance/chick lit books I read and it gets old after awhile.

I liked how Grace and Troy were good for each other. Even though there was a little hurdle that they had to get over at the end, I am glad it worked out for them. I am also glad that Grace's relationship with her mother changes for the good. Unfortunately it was under sad circumstances. Since their story was left as a cliffhanger, I am looking forward to see what life has in store for them. There were other cliff hangers in the book as well. So I am also looking forward to the continuations in the Thunder Point characters' lives as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trial by Fury by J.A. Jance

Mar 24, 2015  · 

Read in March, 2015

The dead body discovered in a Seattle dumpster was shocking enough--but equally disturbing was the manner of death. The victim, a high school coach, had been lynched, leaving behind a very pregnant wife to grieve over his passing, and to wonder what dark and disturbing secrets he took to his grave. A homicide detective with twenty years on the job, J.P. Beaumont knows this case is a powder keg and he fears where this investigation will lead him. Because the answers lie on the extreme lethal edge of passion and hate, where the wrong kind of love can breed the most terrible brand of justice.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I am starting to realize that I really like reading suspense books. They hold my attention and are page turners for me. I like to put all the clues together and figure out the outcome of the story. This book was no exception. I like J.A. Jance's style of writing. This is the third book I read by her. She will be added to my list of suspense writers. This particular book is part of her J.P. Beaumont series. Eventually, I plan on continuing with the rest of the series.