Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Witness by Nora Roberts

Feb 19, 2 013  ·  

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Read from February 11 to 19, 2013

The Witness is a romantic suspense with the beginning of the novel being very suspenseful. I was pulled in right away. I couldn't believe how domineering and unloving her mother was. I could definitely understand why Liz let loose when she did. Nobody deserves to go through what she went through growing up and what she experienced that dreadful night.

After part one, the suspense slowed down for me. Since it was 12 years later after the dreadful night, I was wondering what happened in between. I am glad part 3 explained the missing years. It's amazing what those years were like for her. I can't even imagine living the life she was living. Her mission to bring justice is what kept her going. I am glad Brooks became a part of Liz's life and changed everything for her. She finally deserved happiness in her life.

I kind of wish it didn't take as long to get to the conclusion as it did. There was a lot of build up towards it and then it was kind of rushed at the end when justice finally prevailed. I like the plan that Liz and Brooks came up with to destroy the enemies. I didn't expect it at all. It was definitely a brilliant plan.


  1. I havent read this book by Nora Roberts, it sounds interesting.

    1. You need to put in on your TBR list, Melissa.