Friday, October 25, 2013

Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke


Oct 25, 2013  

This book has 3 short stories involving gingerbread cookie murders. They are written by 3 different authors.

The first story, from Joanne Fluke, is about Hannah Swenson and her ever-going-on argument with neighbor Ernie Kusak and his Christmas music. But when she goes over there to talk to him about it, she finds him dead. So now Hannah, with the rest of Lake Eden, try to find out who could have killed Ernie. There are Christmas details that will get you into the holiday spirit. The whole story was fast paced and very humorous. There are some of the recipes from the story that are listed in the book.

The second story, from Laura Levine, is about Jaine Austen and her kitty, Prozac. Instead of spending the holidays in Los Angeles, she has decided to have Christmas with her parents in Florida. Hank (her Dad), has purchased a spinning gold tree from infomercials and her Mom won't stop feeding human food to Prozac. When the gingerbread man in a 2-bit play ends up dead, Jaine- along with her Dad who thinks he's a private-eye, try to find out who killed the gingerbread man without ending up dead themselves. Funny, quirky, and another fast read.

The last story, by Leslie Meier, is about Lucy Stone. When a child she adores ends up missing just before Christmas, she tries to find out who could have kidnapped him. It was such a heartwarming story that ended on a positive note. Even though Christmas is commercialized this story showed the true meaning of the holidays.

Out of the 3 stories, I liked the first and second the best because of the humor and quirkiness.


  1. I enjoyed your review. I have this book on my shelves and I really like the series by Joanne Fluke!

  2. It's a great series. I have only read one other in the series so far. I have quite a few more to go!