Friday, August 9, 2013

The Newcomer by Robyn Carr


Aug 09, 2013  

Read from August 04 to 09, 2013

I really enjoyed this second book in The Thunder Point Series. I like how Robyn concentrated on the developing relationships from book one. I am happy to see how Mac/Gina and Coop/Sarah's relationships progressed in this book. I felt bad for the teenage relationship between Ashley and Downy. He was nothing but a louse. What Ashley went through was so sad and humiliating. All I can say is that as a parent, I am very fortunate that I didn't have any issues like hers when my kids were teenagers. Teenagers can be so cruel to one another.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the third book of the series which will be out in a few weeks. I am curious as to which way Coop and Sarah's relationship will progress. Also I am interested in finding out how Spencer, Austin and Eric affect the lives of Coop/Sarah and Gina/Mac/Ashley. I am sure that Robyn will introduce more characters as she does in her other books.

Speaking of Robyn, I love her style of writing. She really draws you into the lives of her characters. She brings out all sorts of emotions for the reader as well. I love her book settings. She makes the reader feel that they wished they lived in the small town settings of her books. I especially love the setting of Thunder Point since it is near the ocean.

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  1. I'm really enjoying this series!
    Looking forward to reading this book.

    Thanks for the review, I enjoyed reading it.