Monday, November 10, 2014

One Last Dance

My rating:
*** stars

One Last Dance

The Seagrave sisters were about to come home to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of their parents' marriage. Instead, they are attending their father's funeral -- and their mother's trial for his murder...With more than three million copies of her novels sold, Eileen Goudge is already renowned for her rich, compelling sagas of women's lives. Now, with One Last Dance, she reaches a new level of drama, suspense, and passion -- and new heights of bestsellerdom!

My Review:
I thought the book was good but not as engaging as I would have liked it to be. .  It does tell a tale of the  secret   lives of the characters.  It was interesting to figure out their secrets and to finally find out what they were.  The book just didn't grab me.

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