Friday, February 14, 2014

92 Pacific Boulevard by Debbie Macomber


Feb 14, 2014  

Read from February 05 to 14, 2014

There 12 books in The Cedar Cove Series. Each address belongs to one character or couple and the main story or mystery revolves around him, her or them while all the other characters continue to make an appearance and continue forward with their lives. From when the series began most of the characters are the same although their lives have changed. This book deals with Sheriff Troy Davis and Faith Beckwith who was his first love but due to circumstances they ended up happily married to other people. Both are now widowed. A misunderstanding took place in the last book and they are still working through the fall-out plus Troy is trying to solve the case of the 25 year old skeleton found in a cave by two teenagers as well as looking for the person responsible for vandalizing Faith's rental home. Olivia is still fighting cancer and Ben continues to have problems and to be disappointed by his grown son David.


These characters feel like my friends since this book is the ninth book in the series. I feel like I have been drawn into the character's lives.

The only issue I have is that Troy and Faith's relationship has been too drawn out between the last book and this book. It was getting old already. This installment was suppose to focus on them, but the other relationships were also delved into just as much as Troy and Faith's courtship.

Each book in the series does introduce new characters and their situations and relationships with one another. Sometimes they are a good addition and sometimes they are not. The situation that was the most ridiculous and unrealistic was when Linc decided to get married to some woman he helped on the side of the road. That woman was Lori who very recently broke off her engagement with a man who turned out to be a thief. She asks Linc to marry her almost immediately after meeting him. Even Linc is in shock over her proposal since he had no interest in ever getting married. I assume that in the next book of the series, it will be revealed as to why she wanted this hasty marriage.

This book was not my favorite in the series.

Next,I will be going on to book 10 of the series. I need to follow up with the cliffhangers that were left in book 9.

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