Monday, February 3, 2014

8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber


Feb 03,2014

Read from January 31 to February 03, 2014

This is the 8th book in The Cedar Cove Series. In order to get into the lives of the characters, the books should be read in order. Each book builds on the previous books. The reader learns more about the characters' lives. This book focused on the lives of Pastor Flemmming and his wife, Emily. We learn of their financial issues and how their marriage was almost destroyed. We also learn more about Olivia Griffin, family court judge, and her health issues which are very sad. We learn more about Sheriff Troy Davis and his issues which will be developed more in the next book of the series. Bobby Polgar and his wife Teri play a bigger role in this book than previously. Some of the characters that were introduced in the prior books are also part of this book. It was interesting to see how their lives are progressing. This book introduced two new characters, Shaw and Tanni. I am interested to see how their relationship develops.

This book definitely kept my interest up and I was able to read it quickly even though it had 370 pages . I like how the author left cliffhangers about five of the couples. It makes the reader want to go right onto the next book in the series which I will be doing

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