Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flamingo Diner by Sherryl Woods

Apr 11, 2013  

Read from April 05 to 11, 2013

The tragic death of Emma Killian's father has brought her home to face a mountain of secrets and debts, and questions about how her beloved father died. As Emma grapples with the responsibility of keeping her family's diner afloat while trying to understand her father's death, she finds support from an unlikely source. Onetime bad boy Matt Atkins is now the Winter Cove police chief--a man who has always had a fancy for Emma. Now it seems he's the only one who can help her answer her questions...and give Emma a whole new reason to stay home instead of going back to Washington D.C. where she wanted to exert her independence.

I had mixed feelings when reading this book because the first half of the book was going slow and I almost felt like putting it down. When the pieces of the mystery of how Emma's father died, so tragically, started to surface and come together , I got more into it and wanted to keep reading it to find out what happened.

It was sad to see how each member of the family dealt with the tragic death of their dad/husband. On the other hand it was a great thing to see how they conquered their grief and started to mend with the help of each other and close friends. Another theme in the story was sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom before they realize what they are doing to themselves before they can heal.

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  1. I havent read this one yet, but I like Sherryl Woods books. =)